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Vocational training centres and universities from Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands and Poland jointly implement “LOG-IN”. The project is coordinated by BGZ. All partners have extensive training experience and expertise in the field of logistics. Local companies support the project as associated partners. Through the partnership’s networks, we reach players throughout the EU.


BGZ logo

BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH
(BGZ Berlin International Cooperation Agency GmbH)
Pohlstraße 67
10785 Berlin

Contact Person: Grazyna Wittgen
Tel.: +49 30 80994114
E-Mail: wittgen@bgz-berlin.de

Partner in Berlin:

Logo Lotis klein

Oberstufenzentrum Logistik, Touristik und Steuern

Contact Person: Florian Warnstedt
E-Mail: warnstedt@osz-lotis.de
Tel.: +49 30 786 045 0

Partners in Croatia:

Logo fpz klein

University of Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

Contact Person: Ivona Bajor
E-Mail: ibajor@fpz.hr
Tel.: +385 98 963 8475

Logo scp

Škola za cestovni promet Zagreb

Contact Person: Snjezana Kovac
E-Mail: snjezana.kovac@scp.hr
Tel.: +385 1 6441 278

Partners in the Netherlands:

Logo STC Group

STC Group

Contact: Jonneke de Jong
E-Mail: J.deJong@stc-r.nl
Tel.: +31 0610007295

Partners in Poland

Logo PUT kleiner

Poznan University of Technology

Contact Person: Dr. Ing. Ireneusz Gania
E-Mail: ireneusz.gania@put.poznan.pl
Tel.: +48 61 665 3385

Logo ZS2

Zespół Szkół nr 2 im. Przyjaźni Polsko – Norweskiej

Contact Person: Mgr Robert Miguła
E-Mail: migrobi@wp.pl
Tel.: +48 609 853823